Sunday, April 14, 2013

4 and 22 months!

Oops! This one got stuck in the drafts...whats almost 2 months late...and so did the next one, however it still needs to be tweaked before I post it, but lets get this one done. :)

Have I said how much I love being a mom? Because I really do love being a mom. We went to a play place locally, and there as a mom there we were talking to, we both agreed, how much we love every stage. How we are saddened when one stage seems to be over, but love the next one just as much as the last and doing our best to enjoy it all without dwelling on looking forward to quickly. I’ve heard some people say, Oh I can’t wait until…but I want to enjoy the stage they are in and not let those things that might be hard about one stage ruin the wonder and joy of that stage. 
Time is really going to fast, and I don’t want to miss any of it. 

Roo is just growing and growing…and growing! He turned 4months so quickly. He is rolling all around the place, he loves to watch big brother, and has the best smile to melt my heart. I love those dimples!

He is so ticklish! I have to be careful rubbing his back to comfort him, or else it just makes him madder. I can’t say that I blame him much. I love how he will just giggle away when I change his clothes, because he is so ticklish.

He is more and more vocal, new squeaks and squawks to make sure we know he wants to be apart of everything. Each new sound is so much fun.

He loves to be held, but wants to look out at all the activities. He tends to want to be cuddled only when tired. He just started leaning his head on my shoulder and snuggling in.
 He is almost twice his birth weight. Its so strange for me, his weight is normal, unlike Bear, so the fact that he only have worn some outfits only once before they were too big is an oddity to me. . I know that’s how its suppose to be, but with Bear he was wearing some of these outfits until he was almost 9month old, that Roo doesn’t fit in any more… really does mess with my mind a little. I’m getting out clothes I feel like I just put away into our garage for storage…oh wait I just did put them away. Bear only just grew out of these clothes. Especially as I am pulling out outfits now that Bear was wearing when he started crawling, then walking. I have a picture of him cruising the furniture in an outfit I dressed Roo in this week! For me I have to mentally make the effort not to make Roo older because of it…but realize he is only 4 months old. :)

He has been rolling over on to his tummy to sleep, with his little rump in the air. Now in his own room, and a seemingly huge crib for him to move around in, he prefers his tummy, no matter what I do. It’s another reason I constantly check on the boy during the night. It’s a mom thing.

I love how soft his skin is and his fuzzy hair, the smell of his milk breath, the strength of his little hand when it grasp my fingers, his coos and sighs, and the how he smiles with his whole being when he knows he has my attention. 

I love watching these two together! Morning routine, here is Bear greeting Roo, and together watching PBS, and Bear sharing his beloved Mickey and Pooh bear with little brother. Precious moments I cherish.  

Bear's favorite loveies! 

Anything and everything can be used as a phone, he is "talking" on his "phone", which is  actually a coffee stir  left by Papa.

Bear loves his music, we discovered playing Billy Hill and the Hillbilllies from Disneyland is a new favorite to dance too. He sure can move those feet!

 Bear has new words all the time, Horsey, and giraffe are the newest ones, and he loves to say ice, hot and that or that’s, over and over and over again. It’s usually once he has figured out what something is, he is so proud of himself that he says it again and again…and again! I just love his little voice. Specially when he says momma or mommy, and dada or daddeee. I one of those moments where you realize it clicked for him, we were coming home from a family night, and I believe it was snowy, at this time, everything was hot (btw, hot is now translated to him as don’t touch, so anything he knows is a no-no, is called hot) I told him, no its cold, its ice. And I gave him a small piece of ice from my cup and he held it, let it melt and said slowly iccces…icces…icee…each time more and more confident, and faster until he could say the word perfectly. I love these moment of seeing him learn, even the most smallest things, treasuring those time where the simplest thing is the best.

 He is such a curious guy, investigates everything he can. Has an obsession with closing the door to the basement. And loves to blow his nose, so much so I had to remove the napkins from the table, because he liked to use every. single. one. This is the enjoyment he gets from throwing the “used” tissue into the garbage, the only time I will let him open up the garbage can….I had to watch the trash there for a few days, before I taught him toys don’t belong in the trash can too.

 I feel like he has grown in height quite a bit specially since Christmas, everything he can’t get into is elevated to our eye level, or else he can reach the top, or finds a way to, climbing on this box or moving that chair to get into it. All cabinets are now baby locked and all outside doors have those toddler rings, the prevent them from opening the door…and now the bathroom does too. Incident at Christmas…Older cousin M was caught playing in the toilet on one level…Bear caught playing in yet another toilet one floor below. Baths quickly followed. Funny, is the two other cousins reported to Doc that Bear was playing in the ocean! (with glee) he thought, oh its like when you played the carpet was lava and couldn’t touch it…but nope….he was playing in the “ocean” splashing away and completely covered in toilet water. Thankfully nothing else. And we could all laugh about it. Hence the new lock to the door…prevent ocean playing for now.
Playing in the Tent we made

There still are occasional days where Bear takes two naps along with brother, and he asks for those which does crack me up, but those are usually only once a week. That morning time, has become special to me, where I get Bear and mommy time, we play with cars, read books, or watch a show together, where every thing that flashes on the screen, get’s a “that?” and I get to answer. I truly am amazed to realize how many names one item can have, dog, doggy, pup, puppy, cat, kitten…you get the idea. But I can see how it can be confusing to him for me to refer to the same item, with another name the next time he asked, but it’s all apart of the learning process that I do find fascinating.   

Like I said, I so love being a mommy. Each day is a new adventure to discover together. 

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  1. Congratulations, adorable boy's! It looks like you're having so much fun!